Deeply Discounted Wholesale Liquidation Lots

From $6,250
Picture of many pallets of retail merchandise wrapped in plastic featuring one with a 70-inch LCD TV in front Picture of a wrapped pallet with a tower of goods on the back of a pick-up truck Picture of a pallet with a tower of retail boxes Picture of a pallet including many Bissell vacuums Picture of a pallet of retail boxes Picture of a pallet with boxes from Target Picture of the top of a pallet of goods with a 55-inch LCD TV box on top Picture of another pallet with many assorted boxes Picture of many pallets outside the warehouse with many assorted boxes Picture of warehouse inventory with merchandise in towers of boxes wrapped in plastic Another picture of warehouse inventory with many towers of wrapped retail boxes

After Retail

Premiere brands liquidate their inventory by selling to us. We turn it around and sell it as fast as we can. This brings deep discounts to our customers.


We don’t process our lots, which means we don’t pull out high value items, you get everything in the lot sent from the retailer.

Master Case

Master Case goods are typically 100% new in original manufacturer’s packaging and are fully functional and complete. These goods have not been exposed for sale in any retail environment and products can be considered 100% new and retail-ready.

We Can Ship To You

We are located in the City of Industry, California. You are free to pick your lots up directly from us, or we can arrange shipping it to you anywhere in the contintental United States.

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